Traditional Black Folk Art In Puerto Rico

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Soy Negra Productions

Celebrates the rich cultural traditions of Puerto Rico through the art of doll making, painting , Finding Your African Roots in Puerto Rico and The Will To Believe Workshops- building self -esteem in girls.

I honor the past in Puerto Rico and the immigrant life in the United States. As a direct descendent of a mother and daughter brought to Puerto Rico from Africa in 1834 to work on the sugar plantations , I endeavor  to educate, by keeping the history alive through the arts and the human spirit.  


 In an effort to reach under served communities with workshops and educational programming,  Soy Negra Productions offers a series of out reach activities.

Which include: collaborations with art organizations, Museums , Libraries and the Parks Department.

                         Slavery In Puerto Rico  1500's-1873 


 Slavery in Puerto Rico ended March 22, 1873 .

 My great great great grandmother and her daughter were brought to Puerto Rico from African   to work in the sugar plantantation La Hacienda Carmen in Vega Alta in 1834

                                               Old San Juan Puerto Rico

                                                    Hand Made Street Bricks

 When your in Old San Juan take a tour through our Craft Markets you will find that our traditional arts are alive with history. Our African ancestors were master craftsmen and our african women were excellent candy makers.  If you love coconuts you will have to try our handmade candy, which you'll find at one of our Hand Craft Markets throughout Old San Juan. 


            Come Explore Our History. A New World Awaits You!

As a artist and ancestral researcher promoting the contributions that people of African ancestry have made in Puerto Rico , I will share with you our rich culture. We will explore the diverse cultural backgrounds that make up our people. The focus will be to foster pride and self-esteem. We will travel back in time by viewing a film that represents our music, dance and cultural traditions. "ROOTS" My personal journey dates back to slavery in Puerto Rico and I want to share this journey  with you. After nearly a decade of research and learning about my heritage in Puerto Rico I passionately dedicate my experience by bringing to you this exciting life.Which is  filled with the richness that only belongs to Puerto Rico.  









                                 Traditional Black Folk Art

       San Sebatian Art Fair San Juan Puerto Rico 2008

   " She executes her art that bears witness to the past history and hertiage of this

hemisphere. Authneticity and correctness of materials are her hallmark."

                                           Phil Sumpter  Artist/Sculptor

                           San Juan -  Plaza de Mercado

                Old San Juan Puerto Rico   2007  



        Traditional African Bomba Dancing Of Puerto RIco 

                                    Carolina Puerto Rico